Kids Science News Network

KSNN was produced by NASA Education from 2000-2005. These science info spots aired on television stations all across the US. Stay tuned to see how you can get involved in helping us start our own Kids STEM News Network (KSNN). Take a look at some of these KSNN examples from the past.

Negative Numbers

Can a lower number be subtracted from a larger number?

(Run time: 00min and 44secs)


Learn how the Wright brothers invented the airplane.

(Run time: 01min and 04secs)

Free Fall

Are astronauts floating in the space shuttle or are they actually falling?

(Run time: 00min and 28secs)


Learn how to make an electromagnet, and discover if it is magnetic just like a magnet.

(Run time: 01min and 00secs)