About the Midnight Science Club

Our Mission

Midnight Science Club seeks to create and maintain a fellowship of individuals involved in the science of everyday living; supporting and inspiring each other as we engage our communities in the delights of scientific thinking.

Midnight Science Club is a fraternity

The Midnight Science Club is a fraternity, a special place where scientist of all ages, skill level and experience, feel welcome, understood and appreciated.  It is a place of sharing, at times argument and debate and both sides come away better and enlightened.

We are the gathering place

As a gathering place, we are focused on making “our clubhouse” a landing spot, a cornucopia of informal education, a science flea market.  Our goal is to go beyond typical 30-second YouTube video, deeper than the “flash-bang” populating the internet for individuals interested in science.  We want to celebrate the pure science-based discovery and the profound enjoyment it generates in us all.

We are many doors

We have started out this effort focusing on several key areas of interest –  with more to come later!  We are producing a series of lessons, experiments, video experiences, project sheets, etc – content design for individuals to explore the world around them in a hands-on manner.  In one corner of our clubhouse, we have the Hardware Science team helping kids and families to sharpen science skills by using items they’ve found in a local hardware store.  Behind one door in our clubhouse, you’ll find Boy Scouts building their skill sets.  Opening the next door leads to NASA which allows people access to snoop through the vast library of NASA learning resources. And, if you ever find yourself at home, suggesting: “There’s nothing to do around here!” The Ta-Do Channel is just for you!

The best part of Midnight Science…

Once a month, club members get together for an informal online club meeting where folks can tell jokes, show off a bit, brag, occasionally blow up something and otherwise share neat science experiences.  Online meetings are hosted by a team of experienced scientists, including our Chief Scientist, Jake, Wizard IV!



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