Eliot BlackmoreEliot Blackmore, from Wydown Middle School in St. Louis MO, has been recognized as an outstanding youth science communicator.

Eliot is the first-place winner of the Hunt for Wizard 5 Competition held at the national Science Olympiad finals in Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. He was invited to the ACE Hardware convention show in Chicago in late August to host a series of Hardware Science episodes, which will be broadcast on the Midnight Science Club channel.

The Wizard’s purpose is to bring science to the public based on common sense and an understanding of science innovations. Past senior Wizards who were recognized as extraordinary science communicators in history included Wizard I, Michael Faraday (1791-1867); Wizard II, Dr. Hubert Alyea (1903-1996); Wizard III, Don Herbert (1917-2007); and the current Wizard IV, Jake Jacobs.

From the 2017 Science Olympiad National Tournament 2017 Web site: Back by popular demand! Audition to be “The Next ACE Hardware Science Star!” at the ACE Hardware Science booth Friday, May 19 from 9am to 2pm – Steve Jacobs, Wizard IV, will be on hand to direct students through a short video audition using hardware props — winners will star in a Hardware Science video shot on location in Chicago (trip included!) and snag $500 for their team — winners in 2nd to 5th place will win $250 each for their school’s Science Olympiad program. All win Bose Speaker systems!

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